Kö Package updates.

To the sky, and beyond.

  • Security + more security

    Core backend updates.

    Yes, it is a bit crazy we need so much security, even on our websites. The Kö Package utilizes the latest security updates by top notch web developers. When new vulnerabilities are discovered, Konnen Design is notified of the associated needed updates and can carefully research how it effects your website. Each update, once tested true, is then implemented to a Kö Package employed website. 

  • Web manager pages

    Keeping it fresh.

    A key part of design is functionality. Konnen is interested in things looking fabulous, but more importantly, good design has to work well. The backend administrative pages is periodically updated with fresh new features and polished design.

  • Transfer data safely

    Everyone gets a business SSL certificate.

    A business SSL certificate allows for all communication and transferring of data to be done securely. Not only does it add an extra level of protection, it doesn't allow third-party spying and keeps your data private. 

  • Theme updates

    Sleek new styles.

    Stay ahead of the curve with new implemented styles. While you already can do some amazing things with editing your website, there are always more things to be added that make your website outshine your competition. 

  • Server updates

    Boring stuff. Really.

    Nothing exciting to say here except that your server has a lot to offer when it is utilized correctly. Believe it or not... if your server doesn't stay updated then your website eventulally won't be able to be updated either. Otherwise, a broken website. 

  • Room to expand

    Your own invention.

    Everything is customizable. If you need a new feature for your backend or your customer's account login, you have full capacity to make it what you want. 

Understand your Kö Package more...

Your Kö Package website is at work even when you are not. Every security update, software improvement, bug fix is carefully thought through and implemented. Each update is put to the test. First tested, then troubleshot via a beta version. Once proven compatible it is installed onto a client's server, perfecting your website every time.

Why do you need to update your website?

Good question. 

We are all familiar with keeping our computers, tablets, or phones secure from outside threats, hackers, and malware — similarly, web servers and websites have security updates as well. Every website consists of three complex tools to make it what it is...

  1. A web server where all your files reside
  2. Software in which powers your website
  3. A website theme or template which displays what your website looks like

These dynamically integrate within themselves and with each other. Three entities, all requiring security updates to stay on top of the outside attacks, but all require to play nicely with each other. This means when one has an update, the others may require updating as well. If the update is not compatible with the other parties it can negatively effect the function of your website, or sometimes can even break the website which is why it is so important to have a developer be verifying the update in a testing environment before releasing it. 

Other questions you may have...

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