The Wordpress next door.

Yes attractive...
but leaves you high and dry in the end.

Comparing apples to prunes.

  Kö Package Wordpress
Security Enterprise-level security Vulnerable (requires many plugins)
Searching Content Searches all content, including PDFs and Word docs Next-to-no search capacity (requires third-party)
Customizable Unlimited  Limited
Performance High performance for robust websites Light-weight for small websites
Module Support Easy to locate Difficult to locate
User Interface User-friendly and mobile-friendly Unfriendly, but mobile-friendly
Affordability Affordable Affordable
Search engine optimization Uses best practices Uses best practices

The Kö Package is a Drupal-based package so it executes all the power and stability that Drupal offers. For those who are not familiar with Drupal, Drupal is a content management system that is not as well-known as Wordpress, but provides a similar, though more extensive, structure. Drupal owns a higher league of websites, such as government websites, because of its superiority to Wordpress.

A business aims to grow — why shouldn't your website do the same? The Kö Package is designed with an easy-to-use interface and with a powerful, flexible structure so you can grow your website along with your business. A company who has a Wordpress website will have to rebuild their website when the company wants to expand or integrate features that doesn't fit a generic plugin or module. If you are thinking future, think Kö. 

This article only touches on the surface of comparing these content management systems. You can find many articles on this subject already, so rather than making this a long, lengthy article, for those interested, check out the links below.

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