The practical system for web design.

Written by Justin Ensz

We live in a world where technology is so close that it seems to come out and grab us. This closeness excites some people, and overwhelms others. There is so much potential in technology now that a prevalent belief says everyone should be building an "amazing" website. But why do only a few take advantage of actually building an amazing website? Because it feels like you have to be a geek to figure any of this technology stuff out!

Being a geek myself, I wanted to step back a bit and mull on designing a website from the client's perspective. The result? The Können Design web package system, known as the Kö Package. I wanted to build a system for web design that was so practical it would be comfortable for anyone to maintain their own amazing website. A new idea? No, not really. These "easy-to-use" content management systems have been around for some time. However, the "easy-to-use" content management systems I have used seem to be very similar, and have been confusing to use for my average client. 

A clever in-your-face design without you knowing it.

Many developers are phenomenal at programming highly sophisticated programs. However, what truly makes an app, website, or a piece of software really successful is the design of the interface. The connection between the function of the program and the visual brain perception has to match. An interface needs to be so clever that it is "in-your-face" without you knowing it. With the web package design, Können Design has done just that. Können Design has designed the backend interface for your website to be intuitive. This intuitive design includes all the tips and tricks you need to create and maintain your website content in a way that will excite your audience. Find your next design project here where you will get an in-your-face design with an intuitive backend interface so you can successfully maintain your amazing website. 

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