Feature Slideshow Preview and Archives.

Expressed in tabs.

Written by Justin Ensz

Introducing Slideshow Previews and Archives

Put it on my tab.

The Kö Package (Kö5) is introducing two new tabs in the "Manage Slideshow" section: Preview and Archives. 

Kö5 Slideshow Tabs Screenshot
Kö5 Slideshow tabs screenshot

When you select the Preview tab, you will find a preview of the slideshow. If you create a new slide and do not publish it or schedule it to publish later, you can view it in the backend and still tweak it before committing it to the homepage. This feature allows you to view your changes without the public seeing your work in progress.

Kö5 Slideshow Preview Screenshot
Kö5 Slideshow preview screenshot

Resurrecting old content.

In the Archive tab, you can find your unpublished or "retired" slides. This allows you to reference past material. This can be useful, for example, for a recurring event or marketing campaign. You can save the slides in the archives and then easily retrieve it later for the next event. Plan to schedule it, publish it, or just maintain an orderly website. 

Kö5 Slideshow Archives Screenshot
Kö5 Slideshow archives screenshot

Other questions about the Kö Package?

Schedule a meeting with Konnen Design or check out the demo video. Otherwise, have fun editing and organizing content!