Bird's eye view of Kö.

Reach the sky.


Frontend web design

  • Eye-catching... 
    Web design with marketing intent.
  • Thinking ahead...
    Development to grow with your future plans.
  • User-focused...
    Organization effectively implemented. 
  • Human welcoming...
    Marketing for "the soul", not just robots.


Backend infrastructure

  • Trustworthy...
    Updated best security practices.
  • Speedy delivery...
    Optimized for faster loading time.
  • Prepared déjà vu...
    Daily backups stored for a month.
  • Mail ready...
    Unlimited email accounts available.


On-going development

  • Ease and sophistication...
    Client-editing tools for content management.
  • Peace of mind...
    Development updates for prepared security.
  • "Advance" philosophy...
    Software improvements for forward development.
  • Kö support...
    Monthly maintenance plans available.

Envision you and your website design here, where you experience elegant, useable interface design married to security, inspiring you with a fabulous website.

How does Kö compare to other platforms?

Here's an overview. 


  • Advanced enterprise-level security
  • Comprehensive document search capability
  • Unlimited customizability
  • Capacity for robust, high-performance websites
  • Many modules and plugins
  • "Right there" module and plugin support
  • Intuitive, user-focused tools
  • Affordable cost
  • Best search engine optimization practices



  • Better-than-average security
  • Low-level search capacity
  • Limited customizability
  • Capacity for small, light-weight websites
  • Few, but good, modules and plugins
  • Limited modules offered
  • Low learning curve
  • Affordable cost
  • Best search engine optimization practices



  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Next-to-none internal search capacity
  • Customizability
  • Capacity for larger, but simple, websites
  • Many modules and plugins, but known to be "buggy" and clunky
  • Hard-to-find module support
  • Significant learning curve
  • Affordable cost
  • Best search engine optimization practices

Introducing Kö5.

What a website should be.

Kö is a web design package with complete backend editing features and incomparable security, executing power and stability. As noted above, well-known platforms such as Squarespace or Wordpress offer some great features. But Kö5 is designed to exceed them in security, capacity, and useability.

For you, the manager.

Kö5 automatically gives you a more extensive framework and "out-of-the-box" editing features than other leading website platforms. It provides you with full website management tools designed to serve anyone, from beginner users to web gurus. 

Of surpassing stability.

The Kö Package is strategically built in Drupal software, chosen for its strong history of hacker-proof websites. As such, Drupal is used in a higher league of websites such as ecommerce and government sites. And Kö5!

For business growth.

A business aims to grow, and your website should too! The Kö Package's easy-to-use interface and powerful, flexible structure supports your website's capacity to grow with you. Websites built with Squarespace or Wordpress are forced to rebuild their website when their company expands. If you are thinking future, think Kö.

See it in action.

Visit to see a demo site.

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