Understand website security 

Using an infographic.

Written by Justin Ensz

Ko Website Security

How Do You Explain Website Security -Infographic

You've grasped the basics.

But is website security really that easy...

Unfortunately, it’s not. Adding security to your website is not a one-time, fix-all solution.

Think about it this way: a website is like a car. If you bought a new car, would you buy it and then park it for the rest of its life? No, you use it. You fill it with fuel, change its spark plugs, give it a tune up. Otherwise, your once-perfect product deteriorates. It breaks. It falls apart.

But, when you maintain your car you keep a smooth-running, reliable vehicle. As a website owner, you also need to maintain your website to prevent it from deteriorating. You have to give it “fuel”, or security updates. Otherwise, your once-safe website can deteriorate. It can fall apart.

And unfortunately, like a car, letting your website deteriorate can potentially compromise your passenger's, or your client's, safety. If your website is compromised, it can seriously harm your client's computer or even their private data.

Thankfully the Kö Package Security Updates Monthly Plan offers you a complete website “maintenance” package. It fuels your website with the latest security so you can drive it confidently!

Fuel up with Können Design.